Producing Résumé


Role                                  Play                                      Company

Producer                               Decoupled Therapy                    Unidentified Stages

Producer                               A Wake                                       Unidentified Stages

Producer                               The Stand In                                Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Briar Rose                                   Unidentified Stages

Producer                               I’m From the Government          Unidentified Stages

Producer                               The Thought Doesn’t Count        Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Lightening Round                        Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Taking You Down and Out         Unidentified Stages

Producer                               The Ghost of 9/11 Past              Unidentified Stages

Producer                               The Web                                      Unidentified Stages

Producer                               How Nice of You to Ask              Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Virgins                                         Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Messages                                     Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Closing Doors                           Unidentified Stages

Producer                               I’m From the Government          Unidentified Stages

Producer                               Dinosaur                                     Unidentified Stages

Producer                               All That Pez                                Unidentified Stages

Co-Producer                         Dante*                                         JME Entertainment

Co-Producer                       The Last Hour*                          JME Entertainment

Associate Producer              Cheesecake Girl*                       Royal Family Productions

Production Assistant           LOVE/SICK*                              Royal Family Productions

Related Experience

Royal Family Productions (Artistic Director’s Assistant)2013-2014

Royal Family Productions (Administrative Assistant) 2014- Present