Directing Résumé

Alicia Whavers is the Artistic Director of Unidentified Stages

Play                                  Playwright                              Company

HABS                                   by Andrew Barnes                     The Theatre Project

Don’t Eat the Lava Lamp     by Ryan Bultrowicz                   Unidentified Stages

The Ghost of 9/11 Past         by Dan Wolpe                            Unidentified Stages

The Web                                by Phil Darg                               Unidentified Stages

How Nice of You to Ask        by Rich Rubin                            Unidentified Stages

Virgins                                  by Scott. C. Sickles                     Unidentified Stages

Messages                              by George Sapio                         Unidentified Stages

Closing Doors                      by John Minigan                         Unidentified Stages

Dinosaur                              by Steven Hayet                          Unidentified Stages

Briar Rose                            by Joshua H. Cohen                    Unidentified Stages

I’m From the Government   by Victor Carr                             Unidentified Stages

All That Pez                         by Arianna Rose                         Unidentified Stages